Ninawa Pharmaceutical Factory

This factory is located in the province of Mosul. It is an integrated factory for the production of various pharmaceuticals. It was at the level of an independent company linked to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. However, the ministry decided to merge it with our company to be at the level of a factory. It specializes in the manufacture of medicines and intravenous solutions. We do not have any information about its production, equipment and mechanisms, except that it is an investor. By the Ghiath Munir Sukhtian Group of Companies, and that the number of his employees is (1551) employees are currently in alternative work sites and is currently suspended due to his being under the control of ISIS since the fall of the city on June 10, 2014. The destruction was 95% of it, noting that The date of its merger with our company was on December 29, 2015 according to Cabinet Resolution No. (360) for the year 2015 taken in the thirty-eighth regular session on October 6, 2015 with the recent merger of companies and according to Administrative Order No. (6539) and it has been edited now, and previously it was an independent company With her own. Integrating it with the Nineveh Pharmaceutical Company, and coordination continues with the (UNDP) organization, and they were handed over the bills of quantities and the work required to rehabilitate the factory