Quality Policy

Our company produces medicines and medical supplies in accordance with the highest approved international pharmaceutical requirements and constitutions. SDI seeks to achieve competition with its products and enhance customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of performance as an approach to achieving the company’s quality goals. Based on the awareness of the importance of development and enhancing the ability of workers to give, our company is management and employees Declares its commitment to applying the requirements of international standards (ISO 9001: 2015) and periodically reviewing the quality management system to ensure its continuous development

Environmental, Health and Occupational Safety Policy

SDI company represented by the senior management and all of its affiliates, undertakes to abide by the standards specified in the two specifications, public safety and occupational health and environmental protection, and considers them to be among the primary responsibilities it undertakes. The company is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and contractors and to take all preventive measures to reduce and limit the occurrence of accidents, pollution and damage to property and the environment.

(ISO 45001:2018) and (ISO 14001:2015) for the purpose of:

Providing products and services with outstanding technical performance and made with the latest technologies in accordance with the highest specifications and international pharmaceutical constitutions and with an added value for customers.

Developing systems and procedures related to environmental protection, health and occupational safety, ensuring customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, employee participation, minimizing risks, achieving goals, and effectively sharing this policy with all concerned parties and reviewing it periodically. Commitment to the laws and legislations related to occupational health and safety and the applicable environment, and the existence of communication channels with the relevant institutions

Quality assurance

The quality of our products and the accuracy used in production for the ratios of effective materials and appropriate prices are among the factors that make the company’s products of high competitive value in the market compared to the products of our competitors (local and external), especially after our company obtained the ISO quality system, and since the establishment of the company has adhered to standard standards For foreign companies that participated in the establishment of the company as in the table

MERK Swiss
GETZ American

The process of ensuring the quality of the company’s products is carried out through the examinations carried out by the Quality Control Department, which is one of the most important vital departments in the company and performs many checks on the raw materials and the semi-manufactured product down to the final product to ensure that these materials and products conform to the highest standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing and according to pharmacopoeia Internationally approved (USP, BP), the British Pharmacopoeia (BP98, BP2000, BP2013, BP2014) the United States Constitution (USP 23, 24, 30, 37, 38,41) and the European Constitution, the eighth edition and special specifications for the company that is part of the Knowing how to design from the side of research and development and takes it upon himself to determine the preparation of pharmaceutical preparations, determine their specifications and follow up their therapeutic activity with quality control of the product. In addition to the company obtaining the international quality certificate ISO (ISO 9001-2015) in 2019 and below the quality certificate (ISO 17025) The company seeks to obtain an integrated quality system (ISO14001: 2015) for environment, health and occupational safety.